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"You actually allow the time for thoughts to emerge, time which allows space for those present to think and respond, for me there is no length that is too long to listen to thoughtful, insightful human beings thinking through very layered and complex topics. It's a radical act to do it. An act of resistance to allow time to be slowed down enough to think (& feel)."

"One of my favorite things about What's Left is how you all have these remarkable discussions with no fear of judgment (or being perceived as judging) even when you disagree. It's a nice change from the echo chamber environment so pervasive in today's world."

"I watch your channel because of the way you discuss ideas - there is a sense of open-endedness and sharing of process that doesn't come across in more heavily curated spaces."

Find out about our medical freedom group: Workers & Students for Choice

Biden's "New World" Executive Order

We're in YOuTube Jail for 1 week so you can find a video version; HERE

Today, Jessica, Eduardo and Andy take a look at President Biden's quiet Executive Order 14081 of 12 September 2022 which is intended to advance the fields of biotechnology and biomanufacturing. We examine the document found on the White House site and its consequential implications. What does the future hold for us? There isn't any more guessing... President Biden lays it out for all to see as is largely uncovered in the media.

Serving San Francisco

It's just Kenny and Andy this week. We discuss Kenny's experience in the food service industry in San Francisco and what it taught him about the restaurant industry, Covid and lie at the heart of so-called 'liberal' San Francisco. Check us out!

The Search for Truth

Jessica, Andy and Kenny are again joined by John Klyczek, where we pick up on our last episode on PSYOPs and various levels of propaganda used by the State to control and steer its population. Here, we discuss how does one find the Truth in this sea of lies we all swim in? Check us out!

PSYOP: The Science of Manufacturing Obedience

Andy and Kenny are joined by frequent guest, John Klyczek, to discuss the difficulties of sorting through the web of lies spun in not just mainstream media, but chart its extension into alternative media. We look more closely at how the State intervenes into all levels of society to propagate a narrative which helps them control a population. This process is discussed through the lens of a book by Michael Aquino, "Mind War". Check us out!

Where are We?

Eduardo, Jessica and Andy take spiritual and political inventory on their lives and discuss where these last few confusing and painful years have led us. We discuss the future of "What's Left?" And what ideals bind us together in this new era where the Left does not seem as important to any of us. Check us out!

Revisiting the Border

Eduardo and Andy go back to their roots as the original "What's Left?" duo and discuss more deeply Eduardo's work in Colombia and give more information on his fundraising efforts to help his friends from Venezuela in their travels North. It leads to us returning to an issue that we have discussed on several occasions on "What's Left?". The case for Open Borders! Check us out and DONATE!

Pre-Marxist Social Formation and Other Early Encounters of a Marxian

This week, "What's Left?" Interviews Jeff Strahl. A fellow traveller in Workers and Students for Choice and frequent intellectual contributor to our podcast. Jeff is one of the few Marxists who did not fall for the for the Covid narrative and has been a staunch critic of the science that is used to justify it and the Capitalist drive that shapes the political and economic landscape around it. Jeff has a unique take on Marxism that has helped him see through fear fog that surrounds Covid, and we look to discuss his ideas about Marxism more deeply in this episode. There is only one hitch. He is NOTa Marxist.

Astrology & the Science of Being Human

Today, we explore our personal birth charts with our very own astrologist and co-host of "What's Left?", Jessica Holmes. We learn what astrology is and how we are, and most things, are influenced by the celestial bodies in this ancient art. This episode is a break away from our usual intense coverage of political issues but very related to the possibility of holding onto our humanity. Check us out!

Jessica's Astrology Reading Website

Pelosi's $90,000,000 Plane Ride

In the midst of USA´s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi´s visit to Taiwan, US and Chinese tensions have risen. Is another show of power straight from the playbook of the Ukrainian provocation? What political theatre is at play here? We discuss what we think is really going on behind the political curtain. Check us out.

Part 3. The Future of Sex: SexTech

We have reached the end of our series on SEX, its industry and the future of it. Today we get to the disturbing five areas of sex and technology. We discuss everything from mental health, surveillance, privacy, and the possible end of human interaction as we know it. Check us out.

Part 2: Sex, Class and Shame

Today, in part two on our discussion of sex and sex work, we reflect on the question that came up from last week`s episode. Can sex work be considered distinct from other type of work? Is there something fundamentally different in the nature of its exploitation of workers? We explore the issue of sex, class, sexism and shame in Capitalist society and how we can build solidarity. Check us out.

Part 1. Sex Work - My Personal Journey

Eduardo Abarca continues his travels and reports from Colombia. A topic that came out of last week´s episode was his findings on the sex industry in Colombia. A subject matter that is dearly important to him as he has had personal experience in this field. Today we do Part I on the topic of sex work with Eduardo. We will explore the sex industry of Colombia in part II and the future of sex in part III. Check us out and join the conversation.

Eduardo in Colombia: "The Deadliest Virus is the State!"

Eduardo returns to update us on all that he has learned and experienced in his travels through Colombia. We touch on the demonstrations against covid restrictions and tax reforms and the recent election. There are lessons we in the United States can learn from these struggles of the Colombian people. Check us out!

Barbara Marx Hubbard: New Age Guru Peddles New Normal Transhumanism

John Klyczek joins us to discuss his Unlimited Hangout article, "Barbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother of Transhumanism and Synthetic Spirituality". What is the connection to the New Age movement and the New Normal prescriptions for building a no touch all digital future? What are some of the political and social connections made by Ms. Hubbard in her pursuit of spiritual awakening? Check it out!

Lifting the Veil on California's Synthetic Life Pitch

Alison McDowell joins us to discuss her multi-part series on the Trust Program in CA and its current connections to the genetically modified future our rulers have in store for us, but also its connection to the eugenics programs that have been a staple of US and CA history. Always something new comes up when Alison comes on. Check it out!

Communist Manifesto (Part 2): Revolution or Ruin?

Kenny and Andy dive into part 2 of the 1st Chapter of the Communist Manifesto: "Bourgeois and Proletarians". In this section, Marx and Engels write about the working class and its potentially revolutionary role and 'gravediggers' of Capitalism. But one question lingers over the entire episode, as Capitalism descends deeper and deeper into crisis, is the prospect of revolution becoming more likely or less? Check out the episode and see what you think? 

Let's Read the Communist Manifesto! (part 1)

With Jessica and Eduardo out of town, Kenny and Andy (the two lone Marxists on the show) decide to revisit a Marxist classic, The Communist Manifesto. We share our thoughts on what of this classic pamphlet still rings true to us and where we might diverge from Marx and Engels framing of the problems society faces. What do you make of the reading?

Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't

James Deschenes, a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District, joins us a second time to describe how his opposition to vaccine mandates, masking and testing was handled by the school district. He discusses the 'no win' situation teachers are put in in institutional education whether they speak out or not. 

I Am Not an Activist

For years, we have called ourselves activists, movements builders and organizers. Today, we rethink some of that. What do you think?

WW3: Improbable or Inevitable?

Today, we return to a discussion of the war in the Ukraine and what recent developments suggest about how the conflict is going and where it is heading. Check us out!

Roe v Wading into Uncharted Waters

Today we revisit the conversation on abortion and the right to bodily autonomy with our co-hosts Jessica and Kenny. In the midst of the leaked draft of opinion and the Supreme Court's pending finalised ruling, we offer a critical point of view not shared by conservatives or liberals. We also acknowledge our evolving stance on the issue post-COVID and our understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Check us out!

The Controlled Demolition of Our Schools

Today we take a look at public education "post-pandemic" times. We invited parent organiser Dheyanira Calahorrano to speak to us today about what's been happening at her child's public school in San Francisco, California as a reflection of what many public schools are experiencing. Dheyanira is from Comité de Madres Latinoamericanas de la Misión-San Francisco (Committee of Latin American Mothers of the Mission-San Francisco). Check us out.

CCTs, UBIs, Blockchain and the Liberal Road to Hell

Alison McDowell joins What's Left? For part 2 of our discussion on conditional cash transfers and how Mexico is being used as a giant laboratory by Western Elites to experiment on programs of poverty reduction and health improvement with the intention of making people poorer, sicker and less capable of controlling their own future. All under the liberal guise of philanthropy. Check us out! 

Conditional Cash Transfers & the Global Brain

Alison McDowell joins us to discuss her article and research on Conditional Cash Transfers and the experimental laboratory for such programs that are based in countries like Mexico. We begin this 2 part series with a discussion about what is behind such programs and where the lead. That means a discussion of the 'planetary socialism' and the Global Brain. Check it out! 

Christian Parenti's Critique of the Left: An Autopsy

Today we share and critique a packaged analysis of the Left from Christian Parenti's point of view in his latest article, How the Organised Left got COVID Wrong. A little too late? Not radical enough? Just the right dose of alternative point of view for Leftists?

Luminary Village: Exiting the "New Normal" to Build a New Earth

Today we have an inspiring conversation about an intentional community that was built over the pandemic in the Bay Area when all other communities went online they went offline. We host a conversation with two visionaries, Mercedes Gearhart, founder and director of the Luminaries, and Oxana Ostrovskaya, directing assistant of the Luminaries. Luminary Village is a multicultural, intergenerational community and sanctuary for freedom-loving people. They say, "We are building the beautiful New Earth while standing in our power and natural rights, so that future generations can be free to live and blossom into their fullest potential." Check us out!

Supreme Court Nomination Circus is Back in Town!

Today we give our take on the Supreme court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, as her senate confirmation hearings just completed.

Which Side Are You On?

The Sino-Russian Alliance solidified in one of the least discussed events of 2022 at the Beijing Winter Olympics when Putin and Xi released a joint statement declaring openly their support for one another. Their lengthy bold statement and threatening historic partnership is the dawn of a new era. What should we make of this? Is this the start of the decline of U.S. global power? Check us out!

Rethinking Veganism

Today we speak with our co-host, Jessica, about her evolving position on veganism and other shifting political views. For many of us, our political identities influence our individual attitudes and beliefs, that in turn affect our behaviour and lifestyle choices. How and why those political views change over time normally tend to be deeply personal, however, pivotal if we are to create a working class movement with a difference of ideas. Check us out!

"Free Ukraine!": How Liberals Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

What's Left? revisits the discussion on Ukraine. In the last discussion Andy predicted that Russia would not enter Ukraine. Today we give our take on the current events as they unfold in Ukraine as Andy reassess his position with us. Check us out!

Eduardo Returns!

Eduardo is back! Jessica, Kenny and Andy take a moment to welcome back Eduardo from his 2 1/2 months stint back home in his native México. Aside from sharing his convivial moments with his family, he gives us a glimpse into the Mexican attitude around COVID. Check us out!

Taking Off the Mask 

Across the Western Nations from England, to Denmark, Switzerland, Canada and the United States, governments are receding on the Covid restrictions...from mask mandates, to vaccine requirements and even a reduction of vaccine passports. What's going on? Second thoughts on the 4th Industrial Revolution? Is this reason to celebrate? Jessica, Kenny and Andy try to make some sense of these developments. Check it out!


Alison McDowell returns to "What's Left?" to talk with Jessica, Kenny and Andy about blockchain. Its not just about Bitcoin and digital currency, but about laying the architecture for the Fourth Industrial revolution so the internet of things can become the internet of bodies and all society can be restructured around data collection, surveillance and replacing people with things.

Our 4th Industrial Revolution is Now!

Jessica, Kenny and Andy look at the advertisements surfacing in our media and our cities that indicate that the 4th Industrial Revolution is here. It's not a pretty picture. Check it out! 

Keep on Truckin', eh!

Finally, some good news in North America! Canadian truckers show the power of working class resistance and cause the Canadian govt. to feel real fear...rather than the fake fear the peddle. Jessica, Kenny and Andy discuss the significance of this movement of the working class.

Ukraine on the Brain

Out of the blue, Ukraine emerges as a crisis point threatening to embroil the United States and Russia in direct military conflict. Where did this come from? And why now? Are war drums imminent? We don't answer any of these question but we ask them and make our best guess on this episode where Andy, Jessica and Kenny scratch their heads collectively trying to make sense of the current moment.


This week we interview, Amanda, mother of four, former teacher and employee in the Stanford Department of Infectious Diseases. Her experience and knowledge was a big part of educating those of us on "What's Left?" about problems with vaccines before these covid treatments got their global push. We asked her to join us so she could share her story with "What's Left?". Check it out! 

This IS a Pipe! (in the Metaverse)

We continue on with the theme of what makes a thing a thing or a human a human? and the role of science and empiricism in separating a thing from itself. John Klyczek (an instructor of Rhetoric & Philosophy) joins Jessica, Kenny and Andy and presents a lesson on art history that describes the process that drives Transhumanism and leaves us open to seeing places like the Metaverse as real as reality itself.

Omi-Panic Drives Teachers/Schools into Arms of Ed-Tech & Bio-Security State

Teachers across the country are demanding more testing, more contact tracing, more masks and more shots for themselves and their students. In addition, they are doing work actions in order to push education back into the all-remote hell we experienced last year. Teachers think this is class struggle. It is not. It is a fear driven madness directly into the teeth of the Capitalist trap called the 4th Industrial Revolution. John Klyczek, Jessica, Kenny and Andy discuss our thoughts on this travesty. 

From Metaphysics to Metaverse: Deconstructionism, Queer Theory, and Transhumanism

In part 1 of a 2 part episode, John Klyczek takes us on journey into philosophy, linguistics and metaphysics. By comparing postmodern philosophies to the I-Ching and Taoism, we explore the ways in which "non-binary" linguistics can cultivate "non-binary" identities that erase the boundaries between human biology, natural resources, electronic commodities, and computer data.

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